Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The new therapist...

Against all efforts I am still annoying the piss out of cutie Matthew. It is subsiding though, I think yesterday was the worst of all days... That sucks.. I'm just pissed because I am the girl he liked chatting with, I had no idea I would have a sudden trigger and go supermanic speed texting on him... And I tried to keep things slow with him. Guess I got a capital F there. We really seemed to have the conversational chemistry, something you don't always have online..

So life goes on. I literally arrived to my therapy appointment sweating bullets from biking it to the office. At least I was 30 minutes early, enough timw to walk around to find a can of Pepsi I felt guilty spending $1 on. I had the report my former therapist had written for my disability claim, my own history I had written up to about to lose my job, considering I have a psych history that goes back to 16.

I talked about my recent episode and where I'm restarting from. At the end she said, and after having gone through all that, here you sit still able to smile. I responded, I am an achiever, I'll get to where I need to be.

We ended the session, she pumped a fist through the air stating, as long as we have this from you, we'll get there :)

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